Divine healing requires the heart of a warrior.

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All the World’s a Stage

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…” William Shakespeare The political world is a stage that uses the Universal

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The Foundations

I love the foundations of business — the creative juice of bringing something meaningful to life. It lights me up and makes me appreciate all

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What Does It Mean To Be a Leader?

We often perceive the leader as the person up front leading the way — leading the troops into battle. Or we may believe they are the dictator telling us what to think, feel, and do — schools do, after all, teach us to be obedient foot soldiers following orders. Maybe you’ve had experiences with the weak leader who will throw his/her team to the wolves to save their own ass.

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This morning I was thinking about how entrepreneurial skills, success, relationships, and healing all have in common.  Over the summer, someone posted a rant about how coaches try to turn everyone into business owners, but not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur.  Although not 100% wrong, his commentary didn’t sit well with an inner knowing I had.  At first, there was the triggering of someone trying to make me bad and wrong for my dream and business, but it was also more than that.  Then yesterday, I took some online business courses, and it dawned on me that business, relationships, and healing were all connected to success.  Hence my contemplation and awareness this morning.

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Heal and Transform​

There are many wounds and projections within and around the coaching and healing professions. Unfortunately, these issues are skewing people’s perceptions and causing dissonance, and we need to go through this process right now to heal, transform, and transcend.

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Wise Warrior

The Rise of the Wise Warrior

The Wise Warrior is primed to rise into their full glory. The Wise Warrior leads with honor and heart-focused clarity. They have looked fear in the eyes and found the wounded inner child that needs love and safety, or they took their sword swiftly to the enemy.

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