Divine healing requires the heart of a warrior.

Spiritual healing with practical results

It's time to stop feeling broken, alone, and unworthy. You have a divine purpose to live from the space of love. Together, we'll collapse your old timelines and family curses so you can create a free and open future.​

After going through a health crisis that completely shifted my life, I felt broken and unworthy of love. I felt stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill me, but I didn’t know how to change things. My family kept telling me to play it safe in corporate, although every fiber of my body knew it was killing me.

As things worsened at work, I studied several Quantum Healing styles, which took my healing and readings to the next level. It also helped me take my internal work to deeper levels. I felt less alone and more connected to the Living God Source Consciousness.

But I still felt broken inside and allowed others to sway me toward their beliefs and agendas. I just wanted something to give me purpose and direction. A friend introduced me to Human Design, and I started to see myself differently, which continued to shift as I discovered my Gene Keys profile.

Finding Wholeness

During a particularly dark night-of-the-soul period, I started working with a healer who used Human Design, Gene Keys, coaching, and energetic healing. When I understood my relationship wounding and the triggers that I kept playing out, everything changed. Suddenly, I didn’t feel broken inside. I released the shame I was carrying inside and saw how I had the choice to find the gifts hidden in my wounds.


I don’t believe healing is one size fits all. You are a complex, multidimensional being; your wounds extend beyond this lifetime. Quantum Physics proves that if you go into your past through your subconscious memories and change the outcome or awareness of what happened, your present and future must also change. You must also access your physical body to release the trapped emotions. You deserve to feel your wholeness because it’s always there. Let’s walk this journey together. One session can profoundly impact your life, but consistent work to peel back your layers is the best option. Choose from single sessions to a 6-month 1:1 intensive coaching and healing program or a subscription offer to start your healing journey. Set up a 30-minute call, and let’s talk about where you are and where you’d like to be.

Divine Healing
Human Design and Gene Keys
Spiritual Coaching


Feel successful

Your healing and entrepreneurial journey should be unique to you.

Too often, healers and coaches want to turn you into mini versions of themselves. You get their guidebook, filled with the things that made them successful, along with promises that if you stick to their script, you’ll have success.

I was where you are. And I felt cut off from myself and my clients when I strictly followed their approach. And more often than not, my clients would deviate from the script because that’s where their healing took them.

As a highly intuitive coach and healer, my strength is following my clients wherever their session takes us, going into their souls’ most profound and darkest depths, and assisting and guiding them through it.

I promise to help you find YOUR path.

Be uniquely you and fucking proud of who you are.

Discover your divine path. Be uniquely you and fucking proud of who you are.

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