What Does It Mean To Be a Leader?

And more specifically, what does it mean to be a feminine leader — a queen, if you will?  

We often perceive the leader as the person up front leading the way — leading the troops into battle.  Or we may believe they are the dictator telling us what to think, feel, and do — schools do, after all, teach us to be obedient foot soldiers following orders.  Maybe you’ve had experiences with a weak leader who will throw their team to the wolves to save their own ass.

But these aren’t actual leaders.  Instead, these egos look to glorify themselves at the cost of others.  You and I are expendable pawns that will be replaced by the next round when we fall.  Everyone is running around in circles, looking busy and important while ignoring the truth that sits there waiting to be seen.

Regardless of what people say, we all have purpose and meaning.  We are all significant.  We all have something to contribute.  We all need to be recognized and cherished.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past.  It doesn’t matter where or when you were born.  It doesn’t matter how much money you make.  You have purpose and meaning.  Your life is meaningful — simply because you are alive.

I’ve said this many times before.  You have a purpose.  With many of my clients, I get a glimpse of their original signature soul blueprint — their divine purpose that God created them for.  Sometimes I see it immediately; other times, it takes a few sessions to remove the old layers that block that light from shining.  But we all have that light within us.  

True leaders help you see your own light.  They help you to have the confidence to shine your light.  They stand beside you and then behind you.  They value your contribution to the whole.  They know the best way to win is to help you see how your unique essence is part of the big vision.  If you can see yourself in the plan, the business, the organization, and the vision, the leaders don’t need to be upfront with an ego.  True leaders trust their people to be leaders.


It is this version of leadership that many misunderstand.  In my opinion, it is where the belief that a true leader doesn’t want to be a leader comes from.  But instead of producing true leaders, this belief keeps people stagnant, not wanting to appear like they want to lead while secretly wishing someone would recognize them as a leader.  But in all honesty, leadership doesn’t work that way, and it is why we have the world leaders that we do — because true leaders are afraid to stand up and claim themselves as leaders.

This is why you should work with me.  I will not come at you with my ego telling you who you should be to be worthy.  Instead, my programs are designed to help you see your unique truth using various tools.  You will step away from anything you invest in owning more of your own soul.  I can’t tell you what that might look like because you’re unique, but I can tell you that as soon as you internalize and believe your unique soul signature, you will choose different actions for yourself.  And frankly, no teacher, healer, or coach can do that for you.  I don’t care how “do it for you” they are or how much you spend on them.  You are the only person who can choose a different action for your life.  The best teachers, healers, and coaches will help you see yourself in your true essence.  

I have single-session packages up to 12-week programs to help you believe in yourself. Schedule your consult call today, and let’s figure out your path: 

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What Does It Mean To Be a Leader?

We often perceive the leader as the person up front leading the way — leading the troops into battle. Or we may believe they are the dictator telling us what to think, feel, and do — schools do, after all, teach us to be obedient foot soldiers following orders. Maybe you’ve had experiences with the weak leader who will throw his/her team to the wolves to save their own ass.

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