Wisdom with a divine purpose requires the heart of a warrior.

Your Healing Journey

We all desire for our healing to be instantaneous — that one healer with the magic wand and the magic words that heal our soul.  God knows I spent lots of time and money trying to find that one healer who could truly see me and put me back together.  But it wasn’t until I worked with someone who helped me see myself that I stopped feeling broken.

I’m not the healer for you if you want to stay on the surface level pretending to be Queen. But if you’re ready to dive deep into your subconscious and supra-conscious to emerge as a true self-leader who inspires others, then I am the person who will help you go through the chrysalis process and break free from your cocoon when the time is right.


Working Together

Healing is intimate and about creating a connection with yourself.  If your trauma is buried deep within your subconscious, it will take time to access the memories or to give yourself permission to feel it all.  It’s why I allot two hours for my sessions — you shouldn’t be rushed through your process.  You should be respected and witnessed with love and honor.

Emerge from the chrysalis

If you’re looking to transform your life, you’ve come to the right place.

Choose the Best Option for You

There are two main paths for you to choose.  The first option is Quantum Healing and Coaching, which are individual or package sessions using a variety of tools to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.  The second option is a 6 to 12-month journey through your Gene Keys profile to clear the energy of your shadows and wounds to unlock your highest potential.  

Quantum Healing and Coaching

Quantum healing and coaching helps you discover your truth, power, and inner authority. You and I co-create your healing journey. You are unique and multifaceted, and your healing should reflect that while helping you to become who you were always destined to be.

Embracing Your Wholeness

The Christed Beings, from Jesus to Buddha and Krishna, didn’t come here to set us free from external enemies. They came here to free us from ourselves. When you embrace your wholeness, you are free. And when you are free and whole, no external enemy can defeat you. 

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