Wisdom with a divine purpose requires the heart of a warrior.

Embracing Your Wholeness

To Find the Leader Within

Do you ever feel broken?

Honestly, life sucks when you feel broken inside.  You don’t want to engage with others because you don’t want to feel rejected by them when they realize how broken you are.  You hide yourself away, staying busy with things that distract you.  And you go from healer to healer, hoping someone can see the real you underneath all the wounding so you can feel whole again.  But wholeness is an inside job, and the right facilitator can help you embrace your wholeness again.

I was in that broken energy for too long, hiding away in my misery while searching for someone else to see the truth and release me.  But no one could see the real me because I couldn’t see me.  It wasn’t until I had a coach who worked with me through my Human Design and Gene Keys to help me see myself.  I was already doing multidimensional quantum healing, Human Design, and Gene Keys, but it was all disconnected.  Working with this coach helped me see things differently.  My patterns were there plain as day, and I was given the key to unlock that deeper part of me.

hope for wholeness

If you’ve done any level of healing soul work, you know you have those traumatic patterns that play out over and over in your life.  It can be anything from failed romantic relationships to good friendships that turn against you, poor money habits, and degrading jobs that are beneath you.  You may even feel like you’re under constant dark attacks that leave you emotionally and energetically drained.  Living your life this way is exhausting and stressful.  You want more out of life, but you keep collapsing on yourself and falling into the same bad habits.


But have hope.  You are ahead of the game because you know something seemingly beyond your control is happening to you, AND you know you want more for yourself.  You want better relationships, clarity, and financial stability.  Have faith that you can embrace your wholeness and find happiness again.


You hold all the information within you to unlock the keys to your wholeness.  And I can facilitate you through the journey to open each level, layer, and gateway to embrace your wholeness.  No magic wand or miracle pill will heal everything in one session.  If it were that easy, the world would be completely different.  However, it isn’t.  We keep allowing wars to be waged, violence to trickle into our homes, and a divided mentality to separate us from our Soul Family.


The Christed Beings, from Jesus to Buddha and Krishna, didn’t come here to set us free from external enemies. They came here to free us from ourselves. When you embrace your wholeness, you are free. And when you are free and whole, no external enemy can defeat you. 


Knowledge (Wisdom) sets you free — when you take action from your knowing.  Your own internal unified wisdom sets you free from the endless looping patterns in your relationships with others — from family members to lovers, coworkers, and friends.


Think about the patterns that show up in your life and the way you react to certain people.  Think about how you end up harming yourself to prove a “truth” to yourself and others. How many friendships, work relationships, or romantic partners have been ruined because you felt and believed they didn’t care about you?  Where have you pushed away job opportunities or help from others because you didn’t feel worthy?

Now, imagine your life where you can pause right after you’ve been triggered.  You stop and find curiosity in the moment.  How do you desire to respond to this person? 


Can you ask them a question to gain clarity?  What if you shared how you felt with the person instead of staying stuck inside your head where the story of your unworthiness plays?  Imagine happier connections and new opportunities coming your way. 

What would your life be like when you step into the gift of who you are?  Can you feel the freedom this way of wholeness creates in your life?


I can’t promise you will never be in your reactive and shadowy energy.  But I can promise you that your awareness and curiosity will quickly move you back into states of wholeness and completion.  You will view these times as a way of leveling up into greater abundance and grace.  Challenges will no longer collapse you.  Instead, they will be the stepping stones to a more empowered state of BEINGness. 


Most people don’t want to be leaders.  You probably wonder how you can lead others when you can’t even lead yourself.  When you invest in yourself and embrace your wholeness, you become the most powerful leader the world has ever seen.  You will hold the keys to divine truth, wisdom, and love that none of the current leaders have.  People will see you differently and listen to what you have to say because they know you are a leader with divine grace.  You, too, will see others differently.  You’ll be able to recognize their own wounded patterns and hold space for them to miraculously heal within your presence.  

It sounds like fantasy, but it is the total transformation that embracing your wholeness brings you.  It doesn’t mean you have to move into a leadership role if that isn’t your path, but it does mean following your heart and your truth.  What does that mean?  Maybe you start your own business, go back to school, or say yes to that promotion because you understand your worthiness.  It might even indicate you’re ready to open yourself to love and start your own family.  All of these options require you to be a self-leader.  And self-leadership inspires everyone around you and gives them permission to change.  And that is the power the world needs right now.

Are you ready to give yourself that power?



Many of your patterns stem from six core wounds that are karmic or happened from birth to the age of 21.  You have different traumas or ways of reacting to others based on the age range when it happened.  Some wounds happen before you have the words or cognitive function to understand them.  All of your traumas created patterns to keep you safe.  To heal them and access the gifts they contain, you must clear the energy on multiple layers.

The first level is how the wound was created in this lifetime.  It’s what haunts us as we interact with the world around us.  The second level is discovering the root cause within your multidimensional or generational past.  Patterns, wounds, and trauma often travel through entire family lines until someone heals them.  A few examples of these patterns are poverty, diabetes, alcoholism, and abuse.  And all karmic wounds have a root in some previous lifetime.  The third level is within the body.  Our emotional and physical trauma are stored within our cellular structure.  Until we address them physically, we will continue to carry the trauma with us.  And finally, it is our breath that restores us to wholeness.

To help you clear the energy of your patterns and wounds, you must address each level for each core wound—six months to a complete transformation of your entire life.

Root cause

This program is for you if...

  • You are open to spiritual, past-life experiences
  • You are ready to dive deep into your past to change your future
  • You are ready to make a commitment to yourself
  • You’re ready to have intimate connections with friends and family
  • You’re ready to find the love of your life
  • You have a vision for the life you want
  • You know you have a bigger purpose for your life
  • You might want to improve or change your career

This program is not for you if...

  • You are not open to spiritual experiences
  • You want to continue to blame others for your life
  • You’re happy with the current state of your relationships
  • You are the type of person who quits when things get hard
  • You don’t have a vision for your life
  • You don’t believe you have a purpose for being

Creating Space for Possibilities

As we go through your core wounds, we’ll address them on each layer.  As you heal each wound, you’ll notice changes immediately.  You’ll start making different choices and respond to people instead of reacting to them.  And as you do, the people around you will connect differently with you.  There will be people who aren’t ready to change with you, but they will start to fall out of your life because you’ll vibrate at a different frequency.  It can be painful, but it also frees you to attract new people and opportunities that align with who you are becoming.  By the end of our time together, you will have rebirthed yourself into the innocence of a child.  Free from judgment and open to all the possibilities of life.  The spaciousness of integrity opens the door to heaven on earth.


Week One

You’ll explore a core wound and where it started in this lifetime.  The more you understand the shadow of each wound, the more you can begin to find the gift of how you can help yourself and others.

Week Two

You’ll dive deeper into the core wound to find the root cause in your past life.  Everything is rooted in our family and personal history.  Once you are no longer carrying the energy of the past, you create space in your life to choose differently in the present.  And from there, your future must change.

Week Three

You’ll move through the energy of the core wound and where you feel it in your body to release it. You’ll move, dance, meditate, and use your voice until the energy moves out of your body.  When your body is free, you’ll feel safe and open to say yes to new opportunities.

Week Four

You’ll release the final remains of the energy through your breath while anchoring your energetic signature that will replace your old pattern.

If you’re looking to transform your life, you’ve come to the right place.

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